Sofia מלונות: לקבל את הטוב ביותר דילים למלונות Sofia על ידי תעריפים זולים. ללא עמלות עבור ההזמנה. אתה משלם עבור חדר המלון ב Sofia על עזיבתו. ביטול ללא תשלום.


סופיה Bulgaria Notable Architecture

Sophia was destroyed many times and passed from hand to hand. But this city managed to retain its primary architectural appearance in its districts, streets and areas. Having a stay at one of the four-star hotels in Sofia, you understand how rich it was and still is. Since the 19th century, the city's exterior view has changed gradually from the Ottoman to the European. However, today many streets, churches, cathedrals and parks are a mixture of the different architectural styles.

Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel Sofia is for people with the various purposes: tourists, vacationers, businessman and lovers of art and architecture. It is strategically located almost in the heart of the city. Oborishte Park, Vasil Levski National stadium and National art gallery are within a walking distance. The fabulous views over the beautiful green surroundings are opened from the wide windows and cozy balconies.

This accommodation has enough number of the apartments of the different types. All they are clean, light and tidy, and have the satellite TV, telephone and radio, special equipment for tea or coffee making, comfortable sitting area in the classical style, separate bathroom with the tiled floor and needed amenities, safe and mini-bar. Some of them park business stay with the fax machine, desk and office chair. Air conditioning or heating and Wi-Fi are available on the whole territory.

A delicious continental breakfast is served in the spacious dining room for all guests. To enjoy a big number of the dishes of the traditional and international cuisine, hot and fresh drinks, is possible at the elegant restaurant with the relaxing atmosphere. Some tasty cocktails and light snacks are waiting at the bar of Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel Sofia. It is one of the Sofia hotels, which can boast of the ideal reputation among the foreigners and always hospitable atmosphere.

אנו מציעים 550 מלונות ב Bulgaria Sofia עם מחירים נמוכים והנחות. מערכת ההזמנות שלנו מספק מלונות יוקרה וזולים ב Sofia, אכסניות, מוטלים, לינה וארוחת בוקר, מלונות וחדרים בתקציב נמוך ב Sofia. יש לנו דילים למלונות מרכזיים ב Sofia. ניתן גם להזמין מלון שדה תעופה ב Sofia לפי מחיר זול. המערכת שלנו מאובטחת וחינם לחלוטין תשלום.

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